Friday, March 25, 2011

Karianne got Student of the Month!

In February Karianne received Student of the Month for her class at school!
She is such a great girl and does so well at school! She loves to read and learn!
She was so proud!
Her teacher and classmate and all other 1st graders after they received their award. She loves her friends!
Dad got to spend her special moment with her that day while mom was at the gym!

Bowling Fun!

I ended up not feeling well :( so Greg took the kids by himself. He's such a great dad!

Greg's got the moves!

Come on only have 2 left!


Hmmm......I wonder who was who? K,K,K,K?
The kids had a BLAST!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Kameron gets his Bear Scout award!

Kameron received his Bear award! We are so proud of him and this accomplishment!
Kameron put the mother's pin on me.

The different things he passed off on his Bear trail and the people who helped him achieve this award.

And of course the cheer we had to do for him!

My Birthday!

Every year a group of my friends and family get together for my birthday! It's always so fun to feel special for that day! They all go in on a gift basket and always spoil me with tons of stuff. I should have taken a picture of it. There was a black sweater, a pink shirt with a rose bud on it, a pair of jeans, a pearl bracelet and earrings, a bath & body shower gel and lotion, a gift card to the movies and frozen yogurt, a box of chocolates from Rocky Mtn Choc Factory, and they paid for my lunch. We went to Iggy's and then got frozen yogurt. Thank you to all those who made this day special for me!

Me and one of my closest friends!

Me and my sister and Aunt! Missed my mom being there this year
but glad my sister and Aunt could be!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

One more 2009 Post

Ok this is REALLY bad, I know. So since 2010 is almost over I thought I better try to post one more highlight for 2009. And then I'll be on to posting for 2010. I'll probably just post one highlight for 2010 so I'm not always a year behind :)

My goal for 2011 (wow can't believe I typed that # already) is to keep up my blog so I don't get so far behind and I can post while things are fresh in my mind.

In the Spring Karianne had to have her tonsils taken out! If you look below you will see why. I better forewarn you that there is a gruesome picture so if you don't want to look, don't go further!


Before surgery they had her draw a happy face on a doll with markers. She loved that. You can't tell very well but I held back tears as I awaited my little girl being taken back for surgery. I will never forget her holding Dr. Heidi's hand and the anesthesiologist's hand as she walked back to the O.R. looking back at me. I couldn't wait to see her come out!

As you can tell she did amazing coming out and loved that daddy would try her little dinosaur mask that went over her nose and mouth for surgery! Thanks G'ma L for coming to see her and bring her gifts after she got out! She loved it! When she got home she also had other good friends bring her get-well gifts....thank-you!

Ok, can you imagine these things in the back of a little 4 year old's throat? No wonder she couldn't breath and constantly had a hard time swallowing. Poor thing!

She also had her first major dental work done not too long after (maybe a month I think) which was very traumatic for her considering what she had just been through with her surgery. She loves a certain hygienist and finally was a trooper going through 2 days of 2 hours each to get all her work done.

She thought she was pretty cool with the sunglasses on!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Kyle!

This was last year's birthday with his sisters, brother, & cousins!

This year

I cant believe my little Kyle is 15 years old today! How time flies! He was such a good little boy! He still is a good kid. He has been waiting for the day that he grew to 6'. He was excited to see that he had a couple weeks ago! We cant believe how much he has grown this past year! He is such a great brother (most of the time) to his siblings! He was ordained a teacher last year and has been the Teacher's Quorum President! He is such a great example to everyone around him!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

More Updates Sorry.....

I know I have been absolutely horrible about keeping my blog updated! I'm updating only for the sole purpose for myself! Bear with me.....I'm sorry if you dont want to look until I have recent stuff put up. There were a lot of things that happened last year so like I said its mainly for me!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Kyle's events in 2009


Then just couple of weeks after Karianne had her tonsils out (coming in another post), Kyle ended up in the hospital with abscess on his tonsils. Poor thing was in so much pain. They almost had to drain it but instead gave him steroids to get rid of it. I almost passed out when they were putting in the IV. He was there for a couple days. He had fun in there playing video games all day! When he got home he was greeted by his good friends in Eagle Mountain.

He was able to have a ride out of the hospital in a toddler wheel chair. He thought that was pretty cool!

Kyle's Baseball Season!

This was an awesome season for him. It was the first year he played baseball. They ended up winning the championship game with a home-run hit by Kyle. It was a great happy time!

Of course he ended up with the game ball!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Kyle & Kayla's trip to California!

For the past 2 years Kyle & Kayla have had the opportunity to go to California in the summer for 3 or 4 weeks! They have a blast every time they go! They visit G'ma & G'pa, Aunts & Uncles, & cousins. They go to Discovery Kingdom (amusement park), to the mall, and Kyle this year had the opportunity to go help in the Cockpit at my Uncle's race track! Kameron looks forward to the year he can go too!

Hogle Zoo!

While Kyle and Kayla were in California Greg and I took Kameron & Karianne to the zoo! Karianne was terrified at first. It took her a little while to warm up to the animals! We saw the animals, played at the kid's playground, had slushies and ice cream, and rode the train.